Hypersonic Force LLC – Procurement Research Experts

When your end users require a spare part or equipment that is no longer available for any reason, we are their answer. We specialize in providing genuine OEM factory new solutions to any product required by the U.S. government and its allies. Our focus is resolving unprocurable solicitations. Our research team is comprised of technical experts in various industries who spend a considerable amount of time communicating with OEMs to provide suitable replacement solutions to dead-end solicitations of our end users. Whether Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Industrial or Communications products, Hypersonic Force is consistent, persistent and relentless until we find a compliant FN end user solution.

We are a Sourcing Research Firm

If you are a U.S. Government buyer, and you are continuously re-soliciting dead-end requirements without offers, we are the solution you have been searching for.